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specialists in Connected Planning 

value proposition

Get your planning jobs connected!

pragmatic approach


Plan for success. Give priority to your most important business planning improvement areas. Workshop, demo with your data to create support and build a plan and roadmap for success.


Take action by implementing on your plan. Implement connected planning software to support your processes. Business value justification and agile implemenations. People first, processes are leading, technology supporting.


Repeat success in other planning improvement area's and make all people and departments planning jobs connected. Accelerate the journey towards digital transformation. Success is no coincidence. 

why forward-thinking decision makers choose planningyard?

Your Business First

Planning is a Participation Sport

Run in the Now, Impact the Future

Act on the Story behind the Numbers

"The impact of technology on business processes is enormous. We have to use NEW technology to free us from outdated technology ESPECIALLY when it comes to planning"


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