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Business Planning tasks, the route to a performance culture

This blog aims to get a better idea of what business planning (aka performance management, see also our previous blog) is in practice. In this blog, we want to clarify which business planning tasks (or jobs) and processes are performed within organizations. Below a list of the most common business planning tasks or jobs. This list is not complete but does give a good overview. (Dutch version of the blog)

Most common business planning tasks (or jobs)

  • Annual budgeting.
  • Convert these budgets to (rolling) Forecasts and update them quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily.
  • Top down and Bottom-up planning. The initial budgets and / or forecasts can be made either top down or bottom up or a combination of these.
  • Balance sheet and Profit & Loss planning. This is the basis for financial planning, which also has a link to more operational planning such as HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations.
  • Cashflow Planning. In many organizations of vital importance, “Cash is King”.
  • HR Planning. Managing the staff in a good way and managing costs.
  • Strategic planning over several years. Looking forward for three to five years, what will the effect be of future projects or investments on the result? Looking forward, scenarios, impact analysis.
  • Project Portfolio planning. What impact do have projects on the result and when can projects start. Taking into account the necessary resources financially as not financially.
  • Asset Planning. Plans of assets, maintenance, investment, sales or assets and what’s the influence on other parts of the planning.
  • Profitability planning of both products, services and customers. Profitability can be analyzed from the past and also make a projection on the future.
  • Revenue and Demand, Sales and Operations planning. Matching supply and demand, and get this in line with inventory and production planning and / or purchasing planning.

Integrated business planning

The above tasks all relate to business planning. Which tasks are most important can vary by company. Ultimately, it will be the goal to have an integrated business planning, incorporating all components and integrating seamlessly.

Often these tasks will be supported by software, specialized planning technology. These can be one or more packages, the challenge is to integrate this software, data and models. Planningyard is a specialist in this area. We can advise and apply a very pragmatic approach: Plan, Act, Success. That is, start with the most important planning processes for your business that can be improved. Involve a small team of people, put together a plan of improvement and implement it. ‘Get your planning jobs done’. Repeat this success with other people and other planning tasks! This is the right route to a performance culture.


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