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Embrace a culture for forward looking and actionable decision making

Decision making when driving your car is not that much different than steering your company into the right direction. Actually, a great example is a self-driving autonomous electric car, navigating and steering without driver.

First of all it really demonstrates of what is possible with technology. It also could make your ride so much easier and fun. Finally it also saves you time and effort to do other things, and it will be much saver too. This car technology supports you making decisions on the fly, based on real time data and insights. Do we really use this concept of advanced decision making technology in our daily jobs and tasks at work as well?

Rear-view mirror

Most companies have loads of data silo’s, structured and unstructured, and people are spending lots of time and effort to turn this data into actionable insights. Business intelligence technology provides us with great insights, dashboards, reports and visualizations. But it’s like looking in your rear-view mirror. It supports you with answering questions like ‘how are you doing?’ and ‘why?’. But it’s lacking giving you a quick answer to one of the most underestimated questions in decision making: ‘what should you be doing?’.

Look forward

There is good news for us, forward looking decision makers. The current state of decision making technology to support you is out there on the market. It’s called performance management software. This helps you getting your daily jobs done smarter by giving you answers to all (i.e. driver based) planning, budgeting and forecasting related questions. And the answers could go even beyond this point, as technology is able to predict the future. It’s like a journey in a modern car constantly anticipating to new circumstances like roads, navigation, traffic, the weather, speed, energy consumption, other cars etc. This data can be forecasted real time while driving. Using this concept in your business could set you apart from the rest, a real underestimated competitive advantage.

Test drive

And again, maybe the most important value, it makes your life in business so much more easier and fun. You created time to do other things. It’s like a self-driving autonomous electric car experience. My advice to anyone in business is to experiment this ‘test drive’ yourself to embrace a culture of forward looking and actionable decision making!


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